New campaign “Childcare For All: Personalised, High quality and Affordable” launches today


 3 June 2013


Today sees the launch of “Childcare For All”, a campaign to make childcare more affordable through sensible scaling back of industry regulations.

As the amount of regulation the industry has to comply with has increased dramatically over the last decade, so costs have risen for both parents and government. Parents in the UK pay an out an estimated 28% of family income, exceeded in only the USA and Ireland, whilst the government subsidises childcare to the tune of 1.1% of GDP, or around £2billion. Only the Danish government pays more, but there, parents pay vastly less at around 11% of family income.

Childcare For All will be calling for the government to follow through on proposals to scale back on regulation of the childcare industry in order to bring these costs down. Making childcare affordable will require providing more flexibility and a reduction in the centralisation that has gone on in recent years. As a start we would like to see the legal ratios of children to carers increased. This will allow childcare providers to spread fixed costs over a larger client base, bringing costs down by up to 28%.


Donna Edmunds, the Director of Childcare For All, said:

“Most campaigners want this system to become even more complicated and for the government to take even more from us in taxes to fund childcare. But I’m launching Childcare for All to advocate for a different solution: make the provision of childcare cheaper for the child minders and nurseries, allowing them to pass savings on to parents. It’s government interference that has pushed up the price of childcare turning into something only the wealthy can afford.

 “As a single mother living in the South East, I would need to earn around £40,000 a year to cover household expenditure and full time childcare outright. The system of tax credits and free provision with its conditions and tapers is fiendishly complicated making it almost impossible to work out how much someone on any given wage.

 “Childcare shouldn’t be a luxury, it’s a necessity. But every parent wants the very best for their children, and simply won’t send their child to a nursery suspected of offering below-par care. The government could make things easier for parents by releasing statistics on providers, allowing parents to make like for like comparisons when choosing a childcare provider.”




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